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Hello, I'm Quentin Devine, an Artist, Illustrator, Animator & Designer living in Surrey, England. I can do pretty much whatever creative project your mind can imagine.
Whether it's carving, painting, mosaics, infographics or logos, I can do it all!
Have a quick look below at some of the projects I've been involved with previously.

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Kellogg's Sugar Cube Art

Kellogg's asked me to make some artworks using just brown and white sugar cubes. I had never used sugar to make art before, so it was a whole new learning process.

I made 2 portraits of Van Gogh and Shakespeare and I was pleased with the final result.

They featured in 'The Kellogg’s Reductive Art Exhibition - A Story of Salt and Sugar’ at the OXO Gallery in London.

The Art of the Problem

I was commissioned by Samsung to take some of the issues concerning the Gen-Z audience to reimagine historical artworks as if they had been drawn today, representing the modern world.

For example, Lowry’s acclaimed ‘Coming Home from the Mill’ (1928) is reconfigured to show a single worker reflecting the change in working patterns and again highlighting the issue of isolation.

Jane Goodall Painting

I was asked to make a piece of art, to help raise funds for the Jane Goodall Charity auction.

I decided to make a oil painting, depicting Jane and some chimps, coming together to form a portrait of a Chimps' face.

I had the honur and pleasure of presenting the painting to the great lady herself, which was an amazing experience.

A3 prints are available here!

Attenborough Artwork

When I learned it was his 40th year broadcasting the 'Life of Earth' series, I knew I had to pay my tribute to a truly wonderful human.

A3 prints and limited edition A2 prints are available here!

Each print comes with an animal key, to help identify all the animals used in the artwork.

Pokémon World Record!

Pokémon asked me if I could beat the current Trading card mosaic World Record and I knew I could. So off I went to start planning another huge piece, which proved an amazing experience.

I loved working with the Pokémon team and met some great characters along the journey (including Pikachu himself!). Plus I'm now a Guinness World Record holder!

See the 'making of' video here

Jane Goodall Artwork

After I had completed my Attenborough piece, I got a lot of requests to make the Amazing Jane Goodall in a similar style.

I sketched dozens of chimpanzees and brought all the sketches together to try and get the best possible likeness.

A3 prints are available here!


Dave Brazil Nuts

Dave tv channel asked if I could carve 5 footballers into brazil nuts, to promote their coverage of the 2014 World Cup.

It was a challenge, but I got there in the end? The tiny scale of the work was insane and the nuts proved very brittle and oily.

I had to carve Gazza, Gary Lineker, Beckham, Shearer and Wayne Rooney.


Throughout my professional career, I have made many mosaics, but on a personal level, I have also made many individual mosaics. Lego heads, FInal Fantasy characters, Pokemon cards, Minecraft and Flowers. I've made mosaics using just about everything.

If you need a unique mosaic of a loved one, or even a pet, just let me know here.

The Meg punch bag

Warner Bros trusted me to take 2 punch bags and paint them to look like shark heads.

It was a new challenge, considering the shape of the punch bags, but I got to it and was quite pleased at how they turned out.

They were used at early screenings of 'The Meg' movie, which I had the pleasure of attending.

Coco Guitars

For the launch of the wonderful movie 'Coco' on dvd, Disney/Pixar wanted 12 guitars painted in a Coco theme.

12 prominent Tweeters were asked to design their Coco guitars on paper and I was asked to bring their designs to life.

A new challenge was accepted and it was nice getting back to my paintbrushes and paints.

Masterpieces brought to life

'Yesterday' TV channel wanted me to choose 4 models, work with a stylist, hair and make-up artists and a photographer, to try and recreate the subjects of four famous, historic paintings.

It was a different challenge and I had to do a lot of editing from the final phtotgraphs, to bring them as close to the characters in the actual painting, while still keeping the 'photo-real' look.

See the 'making of' video here

Spotlight Collages

To help promote the release of the movie 'Spotlight' on dvd, I was given the job of recreating 3 of its main actors using clippings from 3 popular UK newspapers.

I had seen newspaper collages before, but I had never made one. But as on previous jobs, I trusted my abilities enough to know I could do them justice.

During the process of making the artwork, I grew in love with the medium and I'm planning on making more in a similar style.

Click here to see me making Mark.


Star Wars BB8 artwork

I was honoured to be asked by Lucasfilm and Disney to design a customised BB-8 for the “BB-8 GREAT Design Project” in support of Great Ormond Street.

The theme was "What makes britain Gr8?" so I chose the economy, as it also related to my coin art and I covered the BB8 model in EXACTLY £8 in loose change.

My BB8 joined the others designed by Star Wars Cast members Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels and Warwick Davis along with celebrities Simon Pegg, Jonathan Ross and 30+ others :D

Royal Mint Coin Portrait

I was commissioned by The Royal Mint to create a unique portrait, to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen becoming the longest reigning monarch.

She became Queen in 1952, so I was asked if I could use 1,952 penny coins to create the 2015 effigy, currently printed on all new coins.

24 Postcards

Could Jack Bauer be made from 1485 postcards? Of course he can!

I used 24 London postcard designs and glued them to a huge canvas, 6m x 4m (24m squared).

Why? To promote the release of Fox's '24: Live Another Day' on DVD and bluray.

You can see me making it here


Mona Lisa Mosaic

I was really excited to be part of this HUGE project for Sky Arts, to hang in London's National Gallery! Dozens of viewers sent in their self portraits and it was my task to create a giant Mona Lisa Mosaic using all the self portraits. The final mosaic was 85 times larger than the original. The process was quite similar to my coin art below, but on a much larger scale (the final montage being 5M wide and 7M tall on a 14M tall easel!)

Rainbow of words

My wife wanted a piece of art that would reflect the times that we are living through, as well as pay homage to all the rainbow artwork seen in windows across the world.

She sent me the words and this is what I made.

Prints are available here!

To coin a face

I was asked to design a promotional art piece by the team at EarlyShakespeare.com. They wanted something to celebrate Shakespeare's birthday, so I came up with '2p or not 2p'. This in turn, made me think of the concept of using coins, rather than paints to create art. I decided to concentrate on faces and it grew from there. I love how viewers have to study each piece, rather like a magic-eye poster, before they 'see' the face.


Uffington Jockey

Paddy Power, the bookmakers wanted to put a jockey on the famous Uffington White horse, so I got the task of designing the jockey.

Using the curves of the actual horse, I formed a jockey in the same style as the chalk horse. It was large scale, challenging project, but it was a lot of fun!


Roy the Redeemer

I was given a new challenge to design this GIANT monument of Roy Hodgson, to try and help guide the English football team to Euro 2012 glory.

The biggest challenge was for my poor computer, to deal with another Paddy Power design of such grand scale!

Syfy Extant promo

I worked alongside a leading evolutionary biologist, to take 2 average human beings and 'evolve' their image for 3 different possible future senarios.

The piece was used to help promote the launch of Season 3 of the hit TV drama 'Extant'.


Get Fit Kwik with Kwikfit

Kwikfit needed some infographics for their latest PR campaign and I was given the responsibility of illustrating an overweight guy doing several exercises with a tyre.

It was a fun play on their company name and on the many thousands who make 'get fit' New Years resolutions.


Samsung Fashion Icons

Samsung wanted to update some past icons to a how would they look today, to help promote their Galaxy Note 4.
I was given some direction by the fashion/historian expert and I went away and basically had to update the 6 icons to how they would currently look?

After a few hair changes, resizing and clothes changes on each character, everyone was happy.

Font Faces

This is a new series of artworks I'm producing, where I take a quote from an iconic celebrity and I move the letters around to make them look like that celebrity.

You can see the letters animate into place on the links below:

Marilyn Monroe
John Lennon
Jim Morrison
Audrey Hepburn

BUY prints here!

Easyjet graphics

I was asked to create an 'EasyJet' record sleeve and associated graphics, for a promotional stunt.

I was also asked to produce some graphics for a fake in-flight infomation document, to be used in a commercial, based on the secret hand signals of the flight attendants.




The National Lottery were launching a Christmas Millionaire campaign and I was given the task of producing 13 Million pound notes, with 13 prominent UK characters.

They were used in many national press publications, to help promote the campaign before Christmas.


Food Projects

Many of my previous projects invloved using food to create art.

These are just a selection of a few of the jobs I've previously done.

Syfy Channel Extant promo

To help promote the start of "Extant" on the Syfy Channel, I was asked to develop a concept by the great Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

I had to take her ideas of a future were robots play a huge role in society and bring them to life.

I enjoyed working with Maggie again and was pleased with the final result.


PM Pumpkin

I was asked by ThePoke.co.uk to create the creepiest pumpkin carving ever.

I had only carved a traditional pumpkin face before this one, but was sure I could do it justice. I filmed the carving and you can view it here.


Modern History

TV Channel Yesterday wanted to update some old portraits and make modern history.

They chose several characters and I was asked to bring them up to date. I enjoyed this project and it got a lot of publicity.

William Hill Graphics

I do quite regular graphics for William Hill bookmakers. The majority of their images are for social media purposes, such as Facebook or Twitter. But every so often a large print job comes along.

You can always guarantee one thing with every William Hill job. . . It'll be wacky, wild and right up my street!

Red Stripe Carnival

I was asked to design a pub-wrap, 12m tall by 15m wide, to promote Red Stripe Beer at the Notting Hill Carnival.

The wrap had to fit around the KPH pub.

We settled on a design I made of a Jamaican Sound System and I was really pleased with the end result.

Great Expectations!

Drama TV gave me the task of designing 5 'aged' books, to promote an upcoming new series of Great Expectations.

The books were for a photo shoot with 5 models made up as Miss Havisham's.


Gold TV illustrations

I was asked to make several illustrations for a series of infographics for Gold TV.

The comedy channel wanted me to illustrate the Top 10 signs that you could be turning into your father!

I could relate to a lot of the illustrations, being a father of 3 myself!

Practical Action

Practical Action is an international non-governmental organisation that uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries.

I was asked to photoshop several popular UK landmarks, in an awareness campaign which highlighted the 'what if it was on YOUR doorstep?' approach.


Hailo road signs

Hailo asked me to redesign some London roadsigns, to portray a more accurate image of what drivers have to look out for and avoid while driving in London.

Basically, it's much safer Hailing a cab, than attempting to drive through London by yourself!

This was another fun project to be part off.


Blinkbox Infographics

I design and Illustrate many Infographics for Blinkbox, from Tesco. I use many varying styles on each project, which are then used to promote a particular movie or tv series on social media sites and mobile devices.


Colour Coding

My very clever wife signed a publishing contract for her first book and I developed an accompanying CD ROM and did all the required illustrations (hundreds!) and cover design.

The book explains how colour coding helps young people with autism to generalise lessons already learnt. Read more about it here.


Animations & Presentations

I have made SO many animations and professional presentations over the last 12 years. Gif's, PowerPoint's, 2D, 3D, but the majority of my animation and presentation work is created in Flash.

I fell in love with Flash when I worked for Mattel, back in 2000 and I have used it almost every day since! (Apart from holidays, of course)

I have always got 2 or 3 animations on the go, and always 20 more waiting in my mind. These are just a VERY small random selection of stills.


REAL aliens!

I was asked to work alongside the wonderful space scientist and government adviser, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, for Eden TV.

I spoke with Maggie and she described how she imagined a real alien would look like.

She provided me with a helpful sketch and I worked closely with her until we had achieved her vision.


SEN Assist

I met my wife Adele, while working with adults with disabilities in America. I left Ireland to be with her in England and a few years later, I'm an interactive designer and my wife is working with Autistic children.

She was always asking me to make little games to help teach and motivate individual children. One night it dawned on us! Why don't we make software that all children can use? So we made our awarding winning SEN assist CD ROMs.

My wife directed the project, telling me what worked and if I could make it, while I made it look as attractive and appealing as possible.


Early Shakespeare

I had a bad first experience of Shakespeare, as it was taught SO poorly. We were handed a book and told to read. I read Shakespeare in my own time and had to work very hard at it. I always wanted to make it easy for others to learn Shakespeare and my wife knew Shakespeare VERY well, as her father used to read the bard to her as a baby.

So using the same model we had developed for SEN assist, the award winning EARLY Shakespeare was born! My wife Adele abridged the script and I designed everything from the animation, to the website, leaflets and advertisements.

Early Shakespeare is now being used in many schools around the world!


Land of Ire

A couple of years ago I was granted National lottery funding to create a trailer for a personal animation project.

"The Land of Ire" was something I'd been meaning to make for some time and the funding was the green light to do so.

You can view the trailer here.



Star Wars

Ever since childhood, I've always been a Star Wars fan.

This has meant me using Star Wars as a base for many of my projects.


I owe a LOT to LEGO. I LOVE it!
Every Christmas, every birthday, it's all I asked for and I still play with Lego almost every day.

I've been fortunate enough to have been paid to play with Lego in some of my previous projects.

Here you can see a few of them and a couple of other Lego builds I've created.


Other Work

A collection of individual projects that don't fall in to any of the categories above.


Visual Communications

I make LOTS of infographics for so many different clients. I am given the information and I make it visually presentable, while delivering the message as clearly as I possibly can.

Here are a few such projects I've worked on.


Paints, Pencils & Digital

Ever since I was a child I drew, painted and created images daily.
At school I was asked to draw the classroom displays. I would sell my works to fellow pupils or help them do their art homework (for a price!)

I've had the privilege of continuing this in my professional life and I paint, and create illustrations of all kinds and styles

My 3 best designs!

My 3 children are by far the best designs I've been involved with and probably the toughest, on-going projects I'll ever face.

They make me the proudest designer/animator on this world.

3 excellent works of art, in each of their own individual, wonderful ways!

My 3 best designs



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People I've had the honour to work with!

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